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 Chat box Rules, Mandatory
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Posted on: Jun 5 2017, 05:57 PM
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Chat Rules

  • The cbox is free, so you can not register your name. However you CAN upload an avatar of your choice. Also you can link in your chat profile to A: your site's ad, B: your wanted ad, C: Your site D; Staff Search post however do not post with just 'hey click my name' or call attention to the link.
  • Keep the conversation family friendly. Do not down talk any site no matter what, not even vaguely. The cbox is NOT the place to rant and rave. If you want to post a rant do so in your board or the general chat forum and tag it as a rant. HOWEVER still do not mention any site by name or hint at what the site is.
  • Be friendly and welcoming to everyone. Offer help when you can. DO NOT call people dumb, or laugh at someone else for making a mistake. This site here is to help out people just starting out to JCink so be patient and if you are helping someone please take it to a board to keep the cbox from being flooded.
  • Outside links in a message are fine just as long as they're NOT to an rp forum. It can be a youtube (Clean) link, a resource of sorts E.G. another resource board or coding help site, etc. Again, DO NOT LINK YOUR BOARD OR AD in the cbox only in your name.
  • In order to upload a photo click the little man icon beside your name, and click change photo. The url below is for links, it no longer works to link to images on the free version.
  • Keep swears to a minimum. PG-13. In other words only use them maybe once per page of posts. If you have to scroll older messages to see it. Do not talk about possible triggering topics. keep those to the boards.

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