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 Staff Search
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Posted on: Jun 8 2017, 04:35 PM
AKA Sebbie · 36 years · My Ad
All mighty creator · My Board
Staff Wanted

Rockin' Roleplay is currently looking for staff. It's a fairly simple job seeing as anyone can help out first timers in our board, staff's job would mainly consist of a few minor things.
  1. Creating a new board for a member as they request it.
  2. Updating the featured sites.
  3. Adding affiliates..
  4. Board moderation requests.
  5. Archiving dead ads/challenges.
  6. Awarding points/receiving point redemption PMs.
  7. Creating Points Deposit boxes and points account posts for members.
  8. Adding/Removing points.
  9. Updating the entries list in the staff section.
  10. Advertising our forum and tumblr.


  • Familiarity with forum usage on Jcink.
  • Clean background (No bans from other forum sites)
  • Minor coding knowledge. (Editing a post using a template kind of thing. adding affiliates to the board wrappers)
PM me if you are interested in joining our staff. We currently have 3 slots open. All staff will be required to do all the above listed.

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