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 Rolling Staff Search, Coders needed!
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Posted on: Jun 17 2018, 10:57 PM
AKA Bucky · 36 years · My Ad
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Staff Search

Rockin Roleplay is expanding! With this in mind that means our staff will ALSO need to be expanding. Now that we are adding a coding section we will need some people more versed in coding help than myself. Also since we have been growing as a community more staff will help us keep up with what's going on as well. SO if you are interested in joining part of our administrative family see the positions available below and PM an application form to either 'Bucky' Barnes ! or Broccoli

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Advertising Moderators: 0/6
Coding Mods: 0/6
Mods: 1/4
Admins: 1/4

Requirements by Positions:

Ad Mods:
Need to know how to properly submit an add both Jcink and, Proboards, and MyBB since Icyboards is closing down. Must also be able to post on other resource sites (I.E. Not be banned from them.) Ad Mods will also be responsible for cleaning out dead site ads and affiliates once a month.

Coding Mod: MUST HAVE Coding experience as Coding mods will be needed to fix messed up codes posted on the board, codes that may even interfere with the skin. Coding mods will also be asked to check over codes that are submitted before accepting and sorting them. Coding mods may also be asked to make codes for future skins for the site, there will be a volunteer sheet made in the staff forum for future site coding. Coding mods must submit at LEAST 1 Code as a coder before applying. This code can be part of your application resume.

Mods: Must be familiar with Jcink and up to date with the rules of R.R. Mods will be asked to make new forums for members, accept and update affiliates, and monitor member activities to be sure the rules are being followed. Mods are also required to answer questions by guests or members that may ensue. Mods can also help out with the site building help part of RR's discord channel so must have a discord account.

Admins: Must fill all above requirements in order to be an Admin. Admins will have run of the board, and will be above the mods and coding mods. Admins will ONLY be contacted if a Moderator cannot fulfill a request or answer a question. For this position I prefer a member that has been on RR for some time and is familiar with the board and how things are ran. I also ask that an admin be able to log on at least 2-3 times a week.

Alias: Your called name. Position Applying for: here. Experience: (Only that which applies to your position) Contact: How may we contact you? Timezone: (So we'll know when you'll be online.) Resume: Samples of your work, or just a list of what you know how to do if not applying for a coding mod.

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