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 Young Justice / DC Comics - 2.5 years old - jcink
Golden · 0 Posts
Posted on: Feb 1 2018, 10:29 AM
AKA Miss Red · years · My Ad
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Site name and link: All Our Masks
Site genre: DC Fandom
Opening date: 8/1/15
Site info: i We boast flexibility in plots and characters, a welcoming and warm atmosphere where nobody is left out. We do not move along quickly in RP time, affording people time to fill in their RP months with meaningful character development, saving them from feeling rushed. We accept OCs and canons.

Our current plot involves the resurgence of Cadmus and the Light, with a new diabolical face. There is a new generation of clones and genomorphs. Metas and skilled individuals disappear across the world. Some reappear, some don’t, under the influence of the Light - unknowingly doing the bidding of their new masters. The Justice League, Team, and Titans are aware now of much of their scheming but as usual the villains are good at hiding their true colors from the world.

Your name: Miss Red
Your primary staff account: Miss Red
Contact info: Positions hiring for: General search for all Admin/Mods
Information about positions: I am looking for those who are interested in helping not only to run an established site but help her to grow. I have been running AOM mostly by myself for the the majority of the time she has been open and it has come to a point where I cannot do it by myself anymore. I am hoping to find someone or ones to help bounce ideas and opinions off of and those who are willing to share the advertising responsibility. Adverting does not necessarily have to fall on just one person. AOM has been around and she has proven to be a welcome and inviting haven for people. She just needs more than what I can give just by my lonesome. She can be your home too.

Knowledge of basic code would be ideal. The ideal applicant would be loyal, active, friendly, and helpful. AOM has prided itself with being welcome and non-judgmental with a very minimum amount (nearly nonexistent) of drama. Applicants would have a team spirit and be willing to work with others. I

Other notes: It will obviously take time for new staff to get the handle on things and for everyone to get accustomed to each other. However I am willing to put in the effort if you are. I want to see AOM succeed and grow and return to her glory.
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