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 Dragon Age Panfaondom Jcink, Staff Needed | Especially Coding
Golden · 0 Posts
Posted on: Sep 6 2017, 11:39 AM
AKA Bach · 37 years · My Ad
· My Board
I am attempting to build a fantasy Roleplay site that is of the fantasy genre, the main structure is set around Dragon Age, the video games. It's picking up 3 years past the end of the last game that was released.

Now I've been on Dragon Age themed sites in the past that always seem to die out in 6-12 months from lack of activity/new members joining/interest. So I am attempting to come up with a way to branch out and make it more panfandom friendly.

To anyone that knows about Dragon Age the gist of it is that it will basically say that there are other worlds beyond the fade, and because the fade is breaking down blah blah blah, people from other worlds are finding themselves in Thedas (where Dragon Age takes place) and are now stuck there and have to choose sides/figure shit out

Overall even if you aren't super knowledgeable about Dragon Age lore, I want to make it as friendly as possible to all fandoms and if you enjoy fantasy RP.

What I could really use the most help with right now is a coding admin to help with the skin and templates, as well as an advertising admin cuz that is the stuff I am least good at.

PM me if you are interested or have questions.

You can also hit me up on Discord Bach#5534
Golden · 0 Posts
Posted on: Sep 10 2017, 07:58 AM
AKA Bach · 37 years · My Ad
· My Board
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