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 Up In Smoke, Various characters for werecreature site
Golden · 1 Posts
Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 02:26 PM
This is one large request for multiple characters from The Reckless Kind, a werecreature site set in modern day Somerset, Pennsylvania. The want ads are all for my characters, but all of them will have other plots outside of my characters, and I've left them quite open for whoever takes them. One of them for Chloe O'Sullivan was made by the person who plays her sister, and either Quel or myself can be asked about taking Patrick.

I can be found on site or in the sites discord often, or my discord tag is Kat#3554 if someone wants to contact me privately for one of the characters listed below.

For Sybil Thomas:
Open Face
Open Age
Openish name
Link to original ad
This is the man who made Sybil into a werewolf while she was in the army. One night, someone had attempted to abduct her. Though she fought back, she was struck over the head. This man, named Conner in the app (but can be changed) saved her but also turned her in the process. He helped her to Sacred Ground, made sure she was ready for the whole transition, and tried to get her to join his pack and stay in the army. But Sybil's entire life was in Somerset, not the army, and once her four years were up, she left to finish her doctorate and do her residency at the hospital in Somerset.
Now for Conner, I believe he would see this as an insult it wasn't meant to be. I could also see him having changed her on purpose because she was a good soldier and a good medic, and he would have wanted her in his own pack, small though it might be. As the Wendigos have been slowly destroying all of the sacred ground, maybe Conner here decided to go to Somerset and comes across Sybil there. Whether or not he's still an alpha or is now a Master is up in the air, but he should certainly be a trouble maker for Sybil and the Ulric pack. Any ideas can definitely be discussed through PM or Discord!
His face is open, but I pictured him being a little older. Anthony Head is listed in the original ad, but any face is acceptable so long as he is a bit older, as I pictured him closer to the 100 age mark. Again, as mentioned before, it's completely open, and a younger face could be used. His age is also open, but he'd need to be old enough to be alpha/master so he would have control over his wolf. The name can be changed, or Conner could be his last name instead of his first.

For Chloe O’Sullivan:
user posted image
Bill Skarsgard preferred
25-30 years old
Patrick O’Sullivan
Link to oringinal ad
TRIGGER WARNING: Violence and harm to animals.
Patrick and his mother Faye entered the O'Sullivan's lives somewhere between 16-18 years ago. Faye was the nurse tending to a patient when she met the patient's husband, Daniel O'Sullivan. For whatever reason, they struck up a conversation and became friends. Not long after, Daniel's wife dies and the two stayed close friends. Likely because of the whole single parent thing. They married after a year of dating and moved into Daniel's place with his youngest daughter, Chloe. He had an older daughter, Nora, who was away at college.
Since he was young, Patrick has always had something a little off about him. Nothing he could really do since he was raised by a wendigo and emotion was more of a game than anything real. Even before he became a wendigo himself at 16, Patrick was disturbed to the point he enjoyed playing the perfect son and brother to the public eye but paid a little too much attention to his extracurricular activities in the shed as well as to his step-sister, Chloe.
Eventually, his behavior and actions were brought to attention by Nora who called the authorities and tried to have him locked away. When that failed due to his mother's connections, Nora took custody of Chloe and got her out of the house. This displeased Patrick, but he was forced to turn his attention elsewhere while the spotlight was on them. Some years later, Daniel and Faye had a son, Eric, shortly before Daniel's sudden passing. It was in Daniels last wishes that Eric goes to Nora for his safety.
Both Faye and Patrick have had to play nice, but with enough time passing, they were able to begin their torment on the O'Sullivan girls. This harassment led the girls to flee the state with their brother Eric which was exactly what both wendigos wanted. On the road, no one had their eyes on their activities and they could do as they pleased.
The last time they saw the O'Sullivans was in a rundown motel where both attacked. Patrick clawed and bit Chloe, forcing her into a changeling. It was their plan to have Chloe change and take Eric back with them, but the trio somehow escaped their clutches and ran to Somerset, where they had family.
It is in Somerset were Patrick finally finds them and instead of going the direct approach, he will stay and watch from a distance. Wait for the opportune moment to get what belongs to him and make anyone in his way pay.

For Mairi Grassick:
user posted image
Andrew Cooper (or open)
37 years old
Carson Grassick
Werebear/Older Brother/ Father/ Widower
Link to original ad
Note: There are other characters in this ad, but Carson is the one I want made most, as he and Mairi are very close. However, I’ll be happy with any of them!
This is Carson Grassick, Mairi's older brother by two years. He had been a member of the guard for awhile, but when his wife was killed in a car accident, he gave up the position to his sister two years ago. He said it would just be a temporary thing, but two years later, Mairi is still a member of the guard and Carson has shown no signs of going back. He has two children, (named in Mairi's bio but can be changed) both too young to take care of themselves, and without their mother, he's the only parent they have left. He's a warm, loving man who saved Mairi's life when she was nearly killed by a wendigo. The two of them are very close, and Mairi visits his house to play with his kids and see him almost every day.
Majority of his history can be found in Mairi's bio, but the generalized stuff as to how he met his wife and got married and how exactly she died is completely up to the player. His personality is also mostly open, but he is a werebear like Mairi and that can't be changed. The face shown is Andrew Cooper, but I'm open to changes if there's someone better that can be found.

user posted image
Joseph Morgan preferred
Age open
Name open
Wendigo leader from Scotland
Link to original ad
Note: There is one other character in this ad, but this one is preferred as he’s the leader of the wendigos that lead the attack on Mairi’s sleuth back in Scotland.
Okay so, this is the Wendigo Leader who took down most of Mairi's sleuth back in Scotland. The face is Joseph Morgan and I'm pretty set on that, though we can talk about changes, I will be picky. He fits the leader-type I envisioned when I'd wrote about him in the bio. He's older, maybe 50s', and has been a wendigo for quite awhile, though for exactly how long is totally up to whoever takes him, along with the name. He would've been denied access to the sacred ground Mairi's family was protecting, and would have wanted to destroy the sleuth just for that reason. But when he found Accola wandering around while searching for sacred ground after she was denied by the sleuth, he would have seduced her, convinced her being a wendigo was the way to go, and gather the other wendigos that the sleuth had denied but hadn't yet been found and killed by them. He lead the charge on the sleuth, waiting until he knew everyone would be asleep, and killed the majority of them with his team of wendigos.
In Mairi's bio, it was stated that the man who attacked her was killed, or so she had thought. However, I'd like it to have been this man who nearly killed her only to have her live, and he got away and framed another who was killed instead of him. Because of this, he wants to finish what he started and is going to go after Mairi, who's relocated to Somerset after this man destroyed the sacred ground her family was set to protect.

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