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 Tumblr listings
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Posted on: Jun 23 2017, 04:06 PM
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tumblr listings

Here is a list of tumblrs that Rockin' Roleplay follow where you can submit your ad. If you wish to have a forum ad converted to a tumblr ad just post in the now hiring board with your ad. Do so in the main board not under Resumes or I've Got An Idea!

If you'd like to know how to submit your ad via a tumblr, see below.:

Find their advertise or submit link, select photo in the drop down menu above the form, upload your site's ad picture from your computer. In the caption section you can post links by highlighting a word and clicking the link icon to put in the url. Check the boxes for tags that fit your board's genre, type, platform (Jcink etc) and the I Accept the terms and agreements box. Hit submit. (Note, always use photo for a single picture ad image or it won't show up on the dashboard. Links should always be in a caption as the photo links don't always work.)

While doing a caption you can center the words by hitting the spacebar a few times before.

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