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 Adult Writing Site Seeking Staff, red light district - - - ♥
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Posted on: May 22 2018, 09:32 AM
AKA Pan · 24 years · My Ad
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Hey there!

I am in the process of opening an adult writing site that will be geared towards 18+ members for 18+ writing. The site will be all-genre and will allow anything within reason. As the site is just starting, I will need the following positions for staff:

Admin (2)
    As admin of the site, you are expected to be a part of all major site changes. You will be a member of a 3 person admin team and be expected to handle most of the managing of the site. This includes reading through threads to ensure content does not violate rules, handling member disputes, investigating claims of questionable age, and monitoring private messages to ensure rules are being followed in private. We want someone that is capable of being a member of the community as well as a staff member of the site.
Moderator (3)
    As a moderator, your job is to handle the lesser duties of the staff. This would be moving threads upon request, spot-checking the request forums, and approaching members who violate minor rules such as inappropriate avatars/signatures and violating bumping policy.
Greeter (3)
    A greeter's job is simple and relatively easy. As new members join, it is your job to help them feel welcome and to ensure they know everything they need to know in order to get around the site. They can answer questions about rules and ensure people have a good first impression of the site as a whole.
Designer (2)
    A designer helps ensure the site looks its best by providing it with graphics. They are also available upon request to members to help them with having site-appropriate graphics that follow the rules of RLD.
Advertiser (3)
    As a new site, RLD will need assistance in getting its name out there. An advertiser will work as a member of a team that will spread the word and gather members for the site to help it grow.

If you are interested in learning more about the site or applying for a position, please contact me through PMs or on Discord(daedric prince#4670).

The site will be opening soon, once I purchase jcink premium to support the adult themes and the documentation is all completed for members to join.

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