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 Ride or Die Coyote Bikers
Golden · 29 Posts
Posted on: Mar 10 2018, 04:15 PM
AKA Poppy · 29 years · My Ad
don · My Board
Sons of Mayhem
About a decade ago, the Sons of Mayhem left their native Arizona and came to Somerset in search of sacred ground. It was an unpleasant ten years that followed with them largely at odds with the other clans, though the fighting from five years ago led Connor Hardrick to begin working toward an alliance with Tobias Ulric and the others.

The Sons of Mayhem are an independent chapter whose brotherhood is based entirely on being coyotes. There are no female club members.

Only Hardricks have ever held the alpha title.


Vice president since the year after Connor's appointment to president, Wallace was raised in the club and has always had a strong friendship with Connor. He was hesitant about the move from their native Arizona and putting down even partial roots, but he's begun to see the benefit since the wendigo attacks.

As vice president and beta, his loyalty is to the club and anything that advances their position. He frequently acts as sounding board for new ideas before they're presented to the club, helping to work out kinks.


Another member of the original Arizona crew, Neal was a huge supporter of the move to Somerset due to his own issues with law enforcement, though he rarely served actual time. He left behind his blood family but considers the club to be his brothers so it doesn't bother him in the slightest to have fewer ties yet he does dislike the expectations of decent behavior.

His job as secretary doubles as treasurer so he keeps up with club money as well as any topics that are brought to the table for the club to vote on. It's part of his job to keep track of what items have been tabled, voted out, and voted for which means he's a fairly observant guy and one of the more level-headed of the bunch.



Newly voted in following the death of the last sergeant at arms in the wendigo attacks, Marsh spent the five years before as a nomad. His loyalty has remained with the club, but he needed time to himself to deal with some personal tragedies that happened shortly before the Somerset move. It's open to the player what happened.

He has a long-standing history with Connor and Wallace, though details are open for discussion. He's loyal to the club but his absence has left him with something to prove, especially that he deserves such a position and can aid the Somerset cause.


A vagabond criminal who happened to cross paths with the Sons on their way to Somerset, Yates was badly injured but seemed like the kind of person coyote would appreciate. It was a gamble to give him the bite and keep him alive until the next full moon yet the club wound up with one of its most loyal members; however, he is still a bit unbalanced and tends to thrive on terrorizing local police forces.

Since coming to Somerset, Yates has gone from a prospect to a full-time member, though he still enjoys causing problems for the local police. Whether it's public drunkenness or indecent exposure or whatever else he can come up with, he's known for making a scene, but he's rarely caught.



An old friend of the MC whose father was one of the original members, Carter made the choice to leave behind her own family to follow the club years ago. It was a big jump to leave her bar, though she enjoyed club life and couldn't imagine joining another club; however, it was after the wendigo attack on the campgrounds that her life took a weird twist.

During the negotiations, the coyotes were asked to offer up a few of their toughest to join the Royal Guard. She brought with her a new edge to fighting styles and training techniques, similar to those used by the MC. Carter has become a valuable asset.


Rebecka and Callahan Hardrick (deceased) were high school lovers who ended up getting pregnant at age 18. They kept the baby but it died later. By that time, she was already part of the Hardrick family despite the lack of a marriage license. They took care of her after the loss and supported her. Rebecka stayed with them and began to help out with the bar that belonged to the club. It kept her focused until she found out she was pregnant with Amelia. Even then, she put blood, sweat, and tears into the bar as well as being a mother.

Callahan, as the oldest, was supposed to become the next club president and alpha, but he was clearly not leadership material. Connor, his brother, stepped up and took the position for himself to save the club and pack. After that, Callahan only seemed to get worse. Still, Rebecka stayed by his side as well as supported Connor.

When her husband began to gamble away their savings, Rebecka picked up a second job for the extra cash to help pay back debts. In spite of their problems, she loved Callahan and remained faithful to the Hardrick family. She encouraged Amelia to do well in school and strive for her own dreams. It was Rebecka's positive nature, strong will, and encouragement that helped Amelia accomplish what she did.

Eventually, the loan sharks came after Callahan and killed him. The club helped keep Rebecka and Amelia safe while dealing with the people who'd murdered one of their own. This only strengthened Rebecka's loyalty.

A decade ago, Connor and the club voted to find sacred ground in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Rebecka did not hesitate to agree to travel with the club and pack. Once there, they got the money together for the Iron Horse, a shack of a bar, but there's nonetheless. Rebecka is co-owner and takes great pride of this little establishment.

NOTE: My only real request for the character is that she does not enter into a romantic relationship with Connor. These two view each other as siblings. Rebecka may have recently been widowed, but she still loves her husband. Her focus should be on family.



The first associate the club made after moving to Somerset, Herring is from the outskirts of Somerset and comes from a family of coyotes and humans. She's only been a coyote about five years, having taken the bite to improve her standing within the family business, but has been doing more and more with making deals in the Sons since her father fell ill. Her attitude is no nonsense and very money-focused.

Although nomadic, she has a strong working relationship with the club and is a frequent visitor to The Iron Horse for business and fun. Her presence within town is less well-established, though she does have business contacts and potentially former classmates.


For the sake of the ad, we'll just refer to him as Dominic. First and last name is up to the player. He is related to Amelia on her mother's side. He is not a Hardrick by blood but has earned the family relation by doing some illegal acts for the sake of Bandit's Bar. Dominic is as close to a big brother as Amelia has and he's an excellent con man. They share the same type of dark desperation to keep what is theirs in the family and out of people who would ruin what they have.


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A supernatural fantasy about spirit animals set in Somerset, Pennsylvania
Golden · 29 Posts
Posted on: Mar 27 2018, 01:06 AM
AKA Poppy · 29 years · My Ad
don · My Board
We are finally getting our VP of the Sons of Mayhem! Come join as coyote brothers and sisters!

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A supernatural fantasy about spirit animals set in Somerset, Pennsylvania
Golden · 29 Posts
Posted on: Apr 1 2018, 09:38 PM
AKA Poppy · 29 years · My Ad
don · My Board
Someone has taken up Mama Carter for us. Come join the Sons of Mayhem!

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A supernatural fantasy about spirit animals set in Somerset, Pennsylvania
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