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 Fool's Gold [Jcink], AU Marauder | 1985 | Opens Dec 15
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Posted on: Dec 13 2017, 10:47 AM
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a frog thrown into a pot of boiling water will panic and escape, the same frog, heated slowly, will bathe in blissful unawareness until he succumbs to his terrible end. humans are especially unique in the blind eye they will turn to terror.

1984, october: it’s a cold year, bitterly. people will remember it that way anyway. on a tuesday morning milicent bagnold was found slumped in her office chair, she’d been minister for magic for six and a quarter years. the door was locked, a vase broken in front of the mantle, as though a particularly strong gust of wind had disturbed it.

the next morning, the paper called it an accident. (the details were never released).

four days later pius thicknesse was appointed minister.

(thicknesse took office with strong convictions of purity in all forms.

“perhaps the only crime worse than possessing magic that is not naturally yours is the tainting of a clean lineage.”

it marked a slow shift; away from the inclusivity bagnold stood by. it marked a rift with unexpected consequences for the people in between. muggleborns hung back, sometimes revered for finding magic that was somehow lost, and otherwise accustomed to prejudice. purebloods remained stoic, protected. it was the halfbloods who began to lose their impartiality, as loose ends began to tighten, laws began to pass- the water began to boil).

au marauder's 1985 | jcink | opening dec 15
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Posted on: Feb 27 2018, 07:11 PM
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This site is dead

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